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December 22, 2000: Happy Holidays from

December 19, 2000: Find out what happened when an artist painted a painting for an organization, but unfortunately, didn't ask the organization whether they wanted it first. Learn how she could have handled the situation better and avoided several other mistakes by reading "Self-Commissioning" Art is Rarely Successful.

December 10, 2000: Two recent art reference book arrivals will be reviewed in the "Reference Books and Book Reviews" section shortly:

Art Sales Index, 32nd Annual Edition, 1999/2000 season is a 2 volume 2,500 page set containing 138,000 price results of paintings, works on paper, drawings, miniatures, prints, and sculptures by 42,900 artists of all nationalities and time periods that sold at auctions around the world during the 1999/2000 auction season. $195 postpaid. Available from Art Sales Index& ArtQuest Ltd.

Art Marketing 101, A Handbook for the Fine Artist by Constance Smith covers such topics as creating an office environment, copyright issues, contracts, shipping, packing, resumes, pricing methods, framing, maximizing value, portfolios, business plans, advertising, and more. $24.95. Available from ArtNetwork.

December 6, 2000: Art collectors and artists often think about donating all or part of their art to museums. If you fall into this category, check out a new posting under "Articles for Collectors" called Donating Art: A Primer before you start calling curators. The article also applies to donations made to historical societies, colleges and universities, and other public institutions.

November 29, 2000: receives gobs of unsolicited promotional emails from artists, arts organizations, art dealers, art websites, and so on. In response to this continuing inundation and as a public service (and to make life a tiny tad easier here at Central), learn how to spruce up your spam by reading How to Write and Send Unsolicited Promotional Emails.

November 25, 2000: Anyone can buy art like the professionals do. You Can Buy Art Smarter talks about research and evaluation techniques that experienced art dealers and collectors use all the time when deciding whether or not to buy art.

November 16, 2000: An artist has asked for advice on which pieces of his art he should get rid of. Apparently, he has hundreds of pieces lying around and his wife can't take it anymore. Find why he should do whatever he can to save as much of that art as possible in Your Art is Your Pension Fund.

November 5, 2000: We trundled off to International Artexpo California this weekend to experience the more commercial side of the art world and met several successful artists who were willing to share bits of wisdom about how they got to be where they are now. Find out what they had to say, and read about the show at Four Successful Artists at International Artexpo California.

November 2, 2000: Artists like people to know how they create their art and what that art means. They want viewers to understand and appreciate their art visually, but also on other levels. Learn how to convey information about your art in Suggestions for Explaining Your Art to Viewers.

October 27, 2000: Do you like to bid at auctions? Are you sometimes confused by dollar figures that auction houses or online sellers place on their art before the sales begin? Auction Estimates, Reserves, Opening Bids: A Primer might help clear up a misconception or two.

October 24, 2000: Getting a commission to produce art is usually good, but not always. Find out when turning the money down is better than contracting to produce the art by reading Sometimes Refusing a Commission is Best.

October 16, 2000: Another exclusive-- Alert: Clogs Search Engines With "Decoy" Websites. Is playing the search engine placement game fairly? You decide.

October 16, 2000: Artists really like our articles about how to price art. An artist has asked about selling lower priced art and we have the answer for you at Pricing and Selling Your Lower Priced Art

October 12, 2000: Reviews posted for a great sourcebook for researching vintage photographs and photographers, a survey of American picture frames, and an index of 19th century American art periodicals. Go to Photographer Directory, Art Periodical Index, American Frames.

October 11, 2000: In a continued effort to wade through the small ocean of newly released art reference books waiting to be reviewed, you can now read about Three State Artist Dictionaries: Ohio, Texas, Oregon.

October 10, 2000: Reviews posted for Lawrence's Dealer Print Prices in book and CD-ROM formats. Both are published by Gordon's Art Reference. Gordon's publishes the best retail print price references available and Lawrence's is no exception. See why at Best References for Retail Print Prices.

October 6, 2000: Reviews posted for ADEC Art Price Annual and Falk's Art Price Index 2000 and Fine Art, January 1987/ March 2000 2-CD-ROM set. Both are published by S. A. Find out about them at Art Price References from

October 4, 2000: Artists are often asked to pay for various forms of publicity in art-related publications. Find out why we think this is money not well spent in Should Artists Pay for Media Exposure?

September 21, 2000: Yes... we attended the gala Opening Night Preview of the third annual San Francisco International Art Exposition on the pier at Fort Mason Center and we've got pictures to prove it. The show runs through Monday, September 25. If you're in the area and you like art, this Exposition is not to be missed.

September 12, 2000: As promised, our Seybold Seminars San Francisco report spotlights the best and latest in fine art digital printmaking technologies. Find out what our wide-format printer pick-hits of the year are in Giclee Update 2001.

September 12, 2000: So your gallery drops you because your art sells too slowly, they keep some of your art rather than pay back money that they advanced you on your last show (which is O.K. with you), but now they want to show that art at a trade show that you don't want to be associated with. Is this really as bad as you imagine it is? I don't think so. Find out why by reading Major Show Exposure Always Helps Your Career.

September 1, 2000: Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! We attended SeyboldSF this week, a major international trade show showcasing the latest developments in the print, web, and cross-media publishing industries. We'll have a report coming up as soon as possible.

August 22, 2000: Artists on the cusp of success often wonder whether or not to quit their big-city day jobs and move to the country where the cost of living is lower and they can make art full-time. If you're in this category, make sure you ask yourself a few questions before you start humming Green Acres Here I Come.

August 22, 2000: The George Glove Company has sent us several samples of their 'Fine Art Handling Gloves.' Among the company's fine art glove clients are the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Metropolitan Museum. Glove prices start at only $0.30 per pair for one-time use gloves and range up to several dollars per pair for 'suregrip' and 'full fashion' models. They come in several different fabrics including cotton and nylon. Fine Art Handling Gloves can be used for protecting art from hand oils, protecting art from Philistines, or for adding that special finishing touch to one's elitist self-image. The George Glove Company also carries an amazing variety of industrial and driving gloves. For further information or to receive their complete glove catalogue call them toll-free at 1.800.631.4292.

August 6, 2000: Free appraisals are getting a lot of attention these days due to the popularity of the Antiques Roadshow. Copycat events are popping up everywhere from auction houses to antique malls. But are free appraisals really as good as the ones that you have to pay for? Read the response to one fellow who takes all of his art to the local auction house for free appraisals.

July 28, 2000: As promised-- we've got pics and a little gab from the preview party for photo san francisco, the first annual San Francisco Photographic Print Exposition.

July 27, 2000: Much of the best art changes hands before ever making it onto gallery walls. Find out why in Best Way to Get the Best Art.

July 22, 2000: photo san francisco, the first annual San Francisco Photographic Print Exposition will be held July 27-30 at the Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason Center. Over 60 galleries and private dealers from the U.S., Germany and the Czech Republic will present the finest photographic art dating from 19th century to the most cutting edge contemporary photography. will attend the opening benefit on Thursday evening-- hopefully we'll get some pics and a review for you.

July 22, 2000: Ever wonder why one Picasso painting from 1920 sells for $20,000,000 while another that looks pretty much the same and dates from 1950 only sells for $3,000,000? One simple reason: Collectors generally prefer artists' earlier works.

July 21, 2000: For you artists who have trouble pricing your work or figuring out when to raise your prices, we've posted another article on this very popular subject: How to Set and Raise Selling Prices.

If you have a topic you'd like us to address or wish to submit an article to, please feel free to contact us.

June 30, 2000: Many artists create art using experimental or unusual materials. If you work in these mediums, do you know their long-term properties? If you collect this type of art, can you be sure that what you buy today will look the same ten years from now? Read about this issue in Pros and Cons of Experimental Materials.

June 21, 2000: Attention artists: Have you thought about potential estate tax liabilities once you transfer your residency to that great gallery in the sky? If you haven't, now might be a good time to start. You collectors might take a little peek too. Read about it in Plan Your Estate Before It's Too Late. For tips on establishing good working relationships with galleries, check out Choose Your Dealers Wisely.

June 14, 2000: Article posted in the "Reference Books and Book Reviews" section reviewing two useful online art databases, and

June 5, 2000: You see the phrase "listed artist" all the time on eBay and other other places where art is for sale. Just because an artist is "listed" and just because that listing may be long, never assume that the art is automatically valuable. Read all about it in Big Listings Don't Always Meam Big Bucks.

June 2, 2000: Alan Bamberger was quoted in the June 2 New York Times article "In Online Auctions, Rings of Bidders" about shill bidding on eBay. The article can be searched at the New York Times website. If you're already a registered user, you can log on and search their archives using keywords. If not, you'll have to join first.

June 1, 2000: Alan Bamberger was quoted in a May 31 feature in New York Newsday about buying art online. Read all about it in Sight Unseen: Cyber shoppers are rushing to buy artwork they've looked at only on the computer screen.

June 1, 2000: Are you overpricing your art? If it costs too much, you're not going to sell so make sure you price right.

May 16, 2000: Alan Bamberger was quoted in a May 11 New York Times article concerning problems buying art on eBay. The article is entitled "Ebay Cancels Sale in Auction of Abstract Painting" and can be searched at the New York Times website. If you're already a registered user, you can log on and search their archives using keywords. If not, you'll have to join first.

May 6, 2000: Do you worry about collectors reselling your art for far more than they originally paid? Don't worry..... be happy!! Read all about it in When Your Art Sells, But You Don't Own It.

May 3, 2000: Read about the latest art price references in our reference books and reviews section. References covered are Gordon's Photography Price Annual book and CD-ROM, ADEC Art Price Indicator 2000, Poster Prices V, Revised and Enlarged Millennium Edition, and Gordon's Print Price Annual book and CD-ROM.

April 25, 2000: The information on the back of the painting says the artist is well known, but is he really? Not necessarily. See how you can protect yourself from misrepresentations.

April 20, 2000: Online auction alert: We've recently received an alarming number of requests for appraisals from buyers who've bought questionable art at online auctions (why they don't contact us before they bid is one of the great mysteries of the ages). We've facilitated the return of the art and the refunding of the money on more than one occasion. For those of you who are less than experienced, but like to bid online for antiques, collectibles or fine art, we've posted an article for collectors to help you do so more effectivly.

April 12,2000: Check out the book reviews to read about a 450 year history of California art and an outstanding reference on women artists of the American West.

And... yes... back by popular demand... more chilling photos from my January expedition to Florida. This time, the art dealers:

Jerald Melberg at Art Miami 2000, owner of two outstanding galleries, one in Charlotte and one in Charleston.

Michael Mc Clintock, owner of The Artful Eye in Lambertville, NJ exhibiting at the Coconut Grove Antiques Show.

Steven Thomas of Woodstock, VT catching some warmth at the Miami Beach Antiques Show.

Michael J. Sellard, dealer in first editions and illustration art at the 11th Fort Lauderdale Antiquarian Bookfair.

Not to be outdone, Pompano Beach put on their own antiques extravaganza just off the parking lot at the South Florida Harness Training Track.

American vernacular coffee architecture in Orlando.

Outdoor sculpture in Orlando-- possibly a rare uncatalogued Manship.

March 21, 2000: Article now up on estate planning for artists.

March 14, 2000: Do you know who's watching you while you're online? Learn all about 'cookies' and how they can record your internet activities in Websites Use "Cookies" to Monitor Online Users under "Articles for Collectors".

March 6, 2000: exclusive-- The Government Wants Its WPA Art Back. After decades of paying little or no attention to Federal Art Project art created during the Great Depression under the Works Progress Administration, the Government has changed its stance.

February 21, 2000: New article for artists posted about what to do when you're thinking about going into business with other artists. It's titled Working With Other Artists.

February 2, 2000: Just back from two weeks in Florida. For those of you who have little or no idea of the intense amount of art and antiques activity in South Florida in January, I'm going to tell you all about it in an upcoming article (which has unfortunately gotten somewhat delayed). Picture preview anyone?

Bravo's curtains at Art Miami 2000

The Silvers at Art Miami 2000

Less than half of the Miami Beach Antiques Show from above.

January 7, 2000: Ever wonder whether art prices or the future of the art market can be calculated or explained with mathematical formulas? Check out the latest posting under "Articles for Collectors" to find out.

January 5, 2000: If you're a fan of traditional contemporary and period American art, check out the article on two periodicals-- "The American Art Review" and "The Fine Arts Trader" in the "Reference Books and Book Reviews" section.

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