Wanna Help Cover San Francisco Art Openings?

So here's the deal-- I'm increasingly busy here at a victim of my own "success" you might say-- and covering the art scene gets tougher all the time. More and more artists and collectors are paying for my consulting and appraisal services-- not altogether a bad thing, but alas, the paying customers take precedence 'cuz I sure don't make any $$ covering art openings.

So wanna cover shows for me? Even one? This is your big chance. Here's basically how it works. You go, take pics, caption 'em, and write a one or two paragraph review. In the meantime, I can either email you a template where all you do is fill in the blanks with your images and writing, or email the images and writing to me and I'll do the formatting. Then I put the whole shish kebob online. And I promise not to edit-- unless your syntax sux or you violate sedition laws.

So do we have any aspiring critics or art reporters out there? If yes, call 415.931.7875 or email me and let's talk.

There's only one rule: Remember that coverage of San Francisco's superb art scene is a community service. I am thrilled to have your help, however please keep it fair and honest with no conflicts of interest-- aka covering your own shows, your friends' shows, or shows of dealers or galleries you have business relationships with. And I thank you.

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