Alan Bamberger Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from Clients and Customers

Thank you very much again for the conversation- this was super helpful (we appreciate your honest feedback). We have started work on organising existing work in themes and creating more work - once we have a new website presenting more of (the artist's) work and in a better way we would love you to have a look!-- H. S. March 2021

Thank you for meeting with me yesterday... Our meeting was so fruitful and I gleaned much needed guidance from your wisdom. I started perusing your archive of helpful artist articles- They are invaluable! I am getting to work TOUT SUITE!-- P. M. March 2021

Great article. And lots of help from the chat. I'd love to be in touch as things start to spin up. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself, as you say, but I think I do need to feel compelled -- or the work needs to feel compelled -- to say something, or to reveal a world-view, or share a certain kind of indignation, or even share an excitement about some aspect of representation.-- C. W. March 2021

Thank you, Alan. I will tell (name of person who referred them to me) of your good service (appraising my art)!.-- B. F. March 2021

Thank you very much for the pleasant and insightful conversation today (about raising money for charity with my art).-- D. P. March 2021

Thank you for last Monday night. I've made the changes to the website as suggested.-- C. M. March 2021

Thank you, Alan, for talking to me and providing with so much information. I already emailed the gallery... as you suggested.-- I. G. March 2021

Yeah so great talking to you yesterday! So much great advice, now that I'm probably going to be doing this most of my life. So, I figured start with someone who knows the art business side of things, like yourself. Definitely gives me assurance and peace of (mind) cause I was totally over my head in the beginning. Things are coming along. And I thank you for helping me fill in the pieces along the way.-- R. A. March 2021

Thank you Alan for your professional advice (about how to publish limited edition prints of my art).-- C. K. on Facebook, March 2021

Thank you for your consultation on Monday. I made some changes in my letter of intent (to accompany my grant application).-- A. S. February 2021

It was a good session. I definitely got a lot out of your input. I have been really working hard on preparing my artist statement... I have attached a draft of it to this email.-- J. W. February 2021

Hope you are smiling just like at the end of our conferance! I just wanted to thank you once more. It was truly the advices that I needed. I'll make sure to add a comment on your already amazingly good reviewlist.-- B. L. February 2021

I appreciate your advice yesterday and am starting make the changes you suggested. I'm in the process of updating my website and have already made a few significant improvements.-- L. W. February 2021

Thank you so much for the call (about what's involved and what I need to know before purchasing a work of art). I learned a ton.-- J. B. February 2021

Thank you again for talking with me yesterday. Some useful takeaways! Stay safe and have a wonderful week.-- S. F. February 2021

Thank you so much for all the great info you gave us the other day. I've already begun implementing many of your suggestions... Many thanks, once again, and I'm looking forward to talking with you again once I get the whole thing moving..-- A M. February 2021

Thanks very much Alan, I really look forward to reading your book! I really appreciate your guidance in helping me to create a foundation from which I can educate (myself about) future art purchases.-- J. J. January 2021

Thanks for meeting with us (about pricing and appraising my art).-- G. B. January 2021

Thanks for talking with me yesterday. You gave me a lot to chew on.-- J. C. January 2021

It was an amazing pleasure and my honor to work with you on this project. (My first fore' (Quest) into the art world) I thank you. (glad you found some joy and some "adventure" in the endeavor). I applaud your efforts [to identify and provide history on the artist of my painting] and I thank you. Bravo.-- T. B. January 2021

Thank you again for your very, very HELPFUL advice! You answered all my questions and saved me a great deal of further research time. Your experience showed in every minute of the consultation. My angst has dissolved. I am now resolved to implement your suggestions and carry on towards my goal!-- G. P. January 2021

Hey, I just wanted you to know that I took your advice and I've redone my website. I've also gotten my work into 2 group shows and I have 3 solo shows scheduled for next year, one at a library and two others at coffee shops, along with a series of classes I'm going to teach, some virtual and some in person. I've also applied for a grant.-- S. A. January 2021

Thank you all for your using my art consulting and advising services. I really appreciate your ongoing and continued support and am always available to assist! Here is a small sampling of the many wonderful reviews, comments and feedback people have emailed me about their art consulting experiences over the years:

Thank you, that's a great article (about how to sell my art on Instagram)-- P. D. December 2020

It was great speaking with you. Thank you so much for your time and advice. I wrote down as much as I could of what you said and am looking forward to just STARTING to implement these things this upcoming year. Thank you also for sending the additional details in the email below! Those are very helpful and great suggestions. I would love to have another conversation with you at some point...-- J. F. December 2020

(The consult in improving and expanding marketing for my art) was great! Thanks Alan!-- J. S. December 2020

It was great speaking with you today. I will certainly look into some of the changes that we discussed.-- R. G. December 2020

Thanks so much for the feedback. This is the best I've ever felt about my artist's statement. I truly appreciate your help. Working on my instagram and more importantly how to work more efficiently and double my output. When I am ready for another round of advice I'll ping you.-- B. M. November 2020

It was great to talk last night. I will take on your feedback in time. I will add you to my mailing lists as you have permitted. Hopefully I will see you... when I come to visit in the future.-- R. M. November 2020

Hi! Thank you so much for your time today. I feel like I know what to do next and what to focus on shifting and that's really helpful. I'm good when I have a plan!-- L. D. November 2020

Thank you Alan, excellent (recommendations and editing of my statement)... You're very good and money well spent, will be in touch.-- D. K. November 2020

Thank you again Alan, it was a pleasure speaking with you. I hope we can stay in touch...-- R. B. November 2020

Thank you for your time today. I now have a better understanding of the (art I own). I'll keep you posted on our progress with the article on my mother's work and set up a consult when I'm ready.-- M. D. November 2020

Thank you so much for your advice.-- A. A. November 2020

Thanks for your insights. It probably saved me time and money. I'll get the website more presentable and get Instagram going.-- C. H. November 2020

Thank you, for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. Your insights were very helpful. I may contact you in a month or so for a follow up. Thanks, again!-- P. K. November 2020

Although we did not want to hear at the time how many changes we needed to make, we followed all of them as best we could and we believe we have a better site because of it, so thank you,-- C. R. November 2020

Thank you so much for your feedback. I took everything you said into careful consideration and it has been extremely helpful.-- J. S. October 2020

It was good to talk to you yesterday.... Thanks!-- A. P. October 2020

Thanks again for yesterday. You gave me a lot of actionable insights and as they sink in I just really want you to know I appreciate it. After I make changes to my website, instagram and statement I will reach out to you again.-- B. M. October 2020

Thank you for your service Alan. Great advice. Wish you all the best too.-- C. K. October 2020

It was really nice talking to you yesterday, and it was worth every second. I feel bad for not having done this a few years ago and saved me a lot of time, money and headaches... I don't want to take to much of your time, but I want to thank you for your professionalism, attention to details among many other good qualities.-- F. S. October 2020

(The artist I'm representing) contacted with me and he said that session was very helpful. I hope you would like to continue (working) with him.-- A. A. October 2020

Thank you Alan (for identifying the artist signature on my art)!-- K. B. October 2020

I listened with a great interest to the youtube of your talk, it was very informative, and interesting. I am working on the good remarks you gave me on our last conversation.-- U. B. October 2020

Thanks for all your advice and help (with identifying the artist signature on my art) have a great weekend!-- V. Z. September 2020

Alan... I created (a new website with an) 'influencer' on social media and that continues to develop. Yesterday we were interviewed on a webcast. Meanwhile, I spun up a more robust version of (my original site).... It's allowing me to expand (the scope of my work). On top of that, I approached a team with the rights to the (certain images) and they've purchased 2 of my designs... In any event, I am running after this with everything I have and I just wanted to thank you again for the help and time you gave me to get me focused in this space.-- G. S. September 2020

I hope you are well. Your consultation was extremely helpful. I took all of your suggestions to heart and worked hard on my website... Thanks so much for your attention and a quick response! I just finished the changes. :-) Thanks again!-- A. S. September 2020

Thank you Alan, (Your help on pricing my art) was enlightening-- L. B. August 2020

Outstanding Alan, Thanks again (for your help with my statement)... thanks for being such a champion of the Arts! Let me know if I could ever offer anything to you as well!-- S. S. August 2020

The first session was really helpful to start (and) therefore I am looking (forward to) the second session.-- B. A. August 2020

Was great talking with you a few weeks back. I'm in the process of making the changes you suggested...-- J. M. August 2020

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me a couple of weeks ago. I took your comments and recommendations to heart and decided to completely redo my website.-- P. J. August 2020

(Your assistance, evaluation, and input regarding purchasing the artwork was) very helpful, Alan. Thanks much.-- G. H. August 2020

Many thanks for the fascinating and thorough conversation today... One could say it is like the CliffNotes Study Guide for my website! I think this edit addresses some of what we spoke of as regards "broadening" my audience.-- A. A. August 2020

hi Alan... well, it's been a year since i had a consultation with you... regarding my old website, which i completely redid... i also wanted the museum perspective as well, so last fall i was lucky to gain the input of a curator who, like yourself, has over 40 years experience in the art world... with everything i gleaned from both of you, i eventually found a new web host and redesigned my website... it's pretty simple to navigate and features selections of my recent work... i'm also happy to tell you that i'm scheduled to have my first solo show in 2021, which will feature my (art) and will be at the area Art Center. thanks again for your advice!!-- G. S. August 2020

A quick note to say I very much enjoyed your book, "The Art of Buying Art." I found it to be comprehensive yet still easy to access and not overwhelming. You have a very direct and practical writing style that I much appreciated. I feel much more informed after reading the book. Thank you for all the tips, and I hope you're doing okay through this pandemic.-- B. U. July 2020

Thank you for reviewing my art project and for taking the time to review my career and the other information that I provided. I appreciate the extra time you took discussing the complexities and realities of selling art... I understand than I am in competition with many other competing interests, not just in the context of the table itself, but in the context of what people consider to be art, functional art, made by whom, will it suit my style, will fit comfortably in the home or is it more important that it provides the correct talking points for the right people. All that and more.-- M. L. July 2020

Thank you so much for your insights, advice, honesty and directness. The time with you was so very, very valuable. I appreciated everything, and what you said will shift and guide me.-- A. D. July 2020

I spent the weekend thinking about our chat and I have quite a few action points from our talk. I wanted to thank you sincerely for taking the time to go over my work with me. In a few months when I get back on my feet from these changes, I would love to schedule a follow-up.-- D. C. July 2020

Alan- It's been a year+ since I last reached out and I just wanted to share some of the 'ripple effects' from our call that's continued to unfold for my artwork. My... show went well and introduced me to a lot of other (area) artists - it has also helped open the door for more gallery opportunities including a small one in (California). Commissions have started to arrive as a steady drumbeat, both domestically and internationally and in fact, there's a small backlog I have to work thru! Great news given the slow down during COVID. (One aspect of my auto art has) blossomed into a new merchandising opportunity that I formed with a social media influencer... Subsequently, a number of enthusiast auto groups... have reached out to commission my designs for their own merchandise... Thank you for all that you have helped me set in motion with our call just over a year ago.-- G. S. July 2020

Thanks so much for the consultation it was really helpful!-- H. T. July 2020

Thank you for taking the time to speak last week. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and insights with me-- was all extremely helpful.-- A. D. June 2020

Just wanted to follow up and thank you for the conversation with Eric yesterday! I was present for the phone call and I thought you gave lots of very helpful advice. I took notes and made a list so he can make reference to all the actions you recommended (website, instagram, your articles, reevaluating the size of his art, documenting and filing his illustrations, etc)... I'm so grateful I found you and we will definitely contact you again for your awesome services in the future as needed.-- L. P. June 2020

First - a zillion thanks. Very much worth it to have this session with you. Lots to work on. Will take a while to absorb and act on - as you know. I'm very appreciative of all that you said an suggested.-- S. B. June 2020

Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much your words mean to me... But seriously, when I told you that you were the push that I needed to make me start thinking critically again (in a good way) about my work, and the motivation to see this as my actual profession, I meant that with all my heart. Thank you for what you do, and the advice you give to artists! I'm proud to let you know that just two days ago I received my first commissioned painting... request from a client... I discovered and joined this artist directory after our conversation because I knew I needed to start putting myself out there in meaningful way that felt authentic to myself.-- T. S. June 2020

We had some correspondence back in 2016 about (my) collection of... relics. Thank you for helping in the process that eventually led to its (sale and) acquisition.-- M. B. June 2020

I want to thank you for our session. It has given me grate insights, answered many questions and what most important - gave me the clear understanding of the concrete steps, which need to be done if I want to bring it to the next level. There's A LOT of work to do. After that I will definitely come to you for further advice.-- N. K. May 2020

Thanks for suggestions - I will start to implement and see if it shakes the boat.-- L. Z. May 2020

Thanks for your advice. I'm working on it. I changed the (website) template, and this one was the better one that I can use with the platform. I'll write to you again in a week.-- G. W. May 2020

Thank you very much for your consultation today. It was eye-opening. I did right away what I could - improving the website appearance... I also feel I need a more thorough consult on Instagram before I actually start improving it. First I will do some basic reading, then let you know when I am ready. Hope I will be able to re-write my artist's statement and send it to you by next Saturday. Is it possible to schedule an appointment for (date)? -- A. A. May 2020

Thank you again for your advice with (my art). Hope you are safe and healthy!-- P. T. April 2020

Thank you for your professional help and patience! I will definitely try to follow your suggestions. After pandemic I would love to send you present from my company. Thank you once more!-- Ed. M. April 2020

I just wanted to thank you again for your time and advice yesterday. So glad i came across your article the other day! Got lots to think about and work on-hope to talk again in the near future sometime.-- E. M. April 2020

Thank you so much for your help (in deciphering an artist signature and appraising the art). -- K. L. April 2020

We just wanted to thank you for your wisdom as we've grown "the studio website" and (the artist's) Legacy, and I'm sure we'll be connecting with you again in the future for more advice. In the meantime, we were thrilled to land the attached article in the current issue of Fine Art Connoisseur, and had to share it with you.-- J. B. April 2020

Thank you again for the session last week. It was very helpful. I'm working on my new site, and keeping your suggestions in mind. Thanks too, for mentioning that I could contact you with a follow-up question if needed. I may take you up on that!-- J. L. April 2020

Thanks for everything, I'll stay in contact with you because (of your help with appraising and selling the painting)-- C. H. March 2020

I really appreciate your help and fast work (completing the appraisal). Pleasure doing business with you!-- L. C. March 2020

Thanks again for all of your help (on selecting a new platform and designing a new website).-- J. S. February 2020

TYVM for the zesty conversation this afternoon. In some ways like swatting flies, but in other ways like digging for lost treasure.-- J. G. February 2020

Thank you again for your time, expertise and guidance yesterday - our conversation was so helpful!-- J. D. February 2020

Your website, and your personal guidance, have helped me more than you know.-- J. L. February 2020

Thanks for your insights and suggestions (about whether to buy the art)!-- K. Y. January 2020

Thank you Alan for your time today, I really appreciate the very actionable guidance.-- P. C. January 2020

Thank you for meeting yesterday Alan. The session was very informative. You have a lot of knowledge and experience. I've come away with a good understanding of what needs to be done and our next steps. Thank you and I will keep you posted.-- T. B. January 2020

Thank you for the phone conversation and for your insight today!-- L. F. January 2020

Hi Alan, so much appreciated all of your insight during our convo.-- M. W. January 2020

You helped me a few years ago to get my s**t together and your advice was a help.-- R. G. December 2019

I enjoyed talking to you today; you have given me some much-needed advice as to why my marketing hasn't been as effective as it might be. It will be wonderful to focus on what needs to be changed with a much better understanding of why.-- C. T. December 2019

Since (our first consult), after taking a lot of your advice, I have become more focused and intentional in the art I create.-- E. G. December 2019

I had a look at the copy (of my statement and bio) you sent me and it looks perfect. I am delighted with your work, I really believe that hiring your service was the best decision I made in a long time.-- D. T. November 2019

Thank you for the insight and information. I have someone that will be assisting me in changing my website.-- J. K. November 2019

(The all-purpose consult was) very helpful. It was nice talking to you too.-- K. S. November 2019

I would like to thank you again for all the hard and constructive work over the last months in preparing and structuring my artistic statement. It is such a difficult and complex subject matter that I believe the final result trully reflects the essence of my body of work. I also believe it will be very important to leave a message that can be understood for future generations.-- M. S. October 2019

Even though it was a short call, it's helpful to bounce ideas around. It gave me a few key points to start with and will help me set up the basic framework to go forward. I will get in contact again once I'm further along.-- T. H. October 2019

Alan, thank you so much for all your advice, we enjoyed the conversation and most importantly we learned a lot of new things. We will have a lot of homework to do.-- C. T. October 2019

I'm writing to say hello and thank you for your help on the phone a while ago... You were very friendly on the phone and your help and guidance were very wise.-- M. C. September 2019

Hey, Alan. I hope you remember me. I started selling my work not long after I took your advice.-- E. S. September 2019

Hey Alan got the book and appraisals today. Thanks a ton, we will probably hit you sometime for documentation of some of the other less pricey pieces.-- B. H. September 2019

I am at the beginning of my career, so you were able to give me lots of helpful advice, such as how I should describe my work more precisely, with more details, you also advised me how to properly write my artist biography and artist statement.-- M. A. September 2019

I am following up on our conversation last week. Thanks for your insights and words of wisdom. I look forward to communicating with you again sometime soon.-- E. G. September 2019

I'm writing to thank you for the advice you gave me about a year ago--it's proven very useful... From taking the guesswork out of my art, to "imbuing it with intangible significance", it turns out you seem to know what you're talking about.-- T. I. September 2019

I wanted to thank you for coming by, even though I'm embarrassed by how long it's taken to follow up. You gave me a bunch of good stuff to chew on, and I've been plugging away at the website in little bits, as well as posting (and selling!) some of those little drawings that were languishing in a pile. (Email about a studio visit with this artist)-- J. W. August 2019

I enjoyed our conversation, and I am very happy with the new texts. Specifically the introduction is very smooth and grasps the essence of my work very well. (Email about a statement I wrote for this artist)-- L. T. August 2019

Alan, I just wanted to say that your ideas were stellar today. The precautions you brought to the surface walking through a myriad of situations showing me how to protect myself in the event I am asked about huge installations or whatever was extrmely valuable. -- W. M. August 2019

Thank you. Your appraisal fits well the amount I paid...-- A. E. August 2019

Thank you for your thoughtful guidance regarding my website, artist statement, and Instagram. I enjoyed your good humor and I will follow your clever advice.-- M. S. August, 2019

hi alan…just a quick note to thank you for all of your advice yesterday…will let you know when my new website is up... i appreciate all the pointers!!-- G. S. July 2019

Thank you for the call yesterday. It's great progress. It's taking a different form but with the right essence. (Email about a statement I wrote for this artist)-- M. S. July 2019

Just wanted to say thanks! I secured a new commission because I heeded your call to post on social media more. It's not for a huge painting but I am not complaining. Thank you for the guidance and encouragement! I'll keep it up. :)-- A. J. July 2019

I absolutely love your writing style. (Email about an essay I wrote for this artist)-- J. K. July 2019

Alan thanks so much for your honest advise. I will email my next paintings as soon as I finish. I have a few ideas, some not formed as you advise but before moving on I will do my sketches to try to develop them. Thanks again-- A. A. July 2019

Hey Alan, just wanted to say thank you on your consult last week. I used your advice and started using hashtags and descriptions. I've actually started to enjoy talking about my pieces... Appreciate your help again!! This journey is just starting.-- A. W. July 2019

Just wanted to thank you for your time. Really appreciate getting your feedback yesterday. Would definitely like get pricing consultation in the future. Thanks again.-- A. P. July 2019

Your insight was valuable, as I did learn more than before, and have already sent the images and a request to (name of referral), which might prove to the the most valuable reference. Plus, it was great talking to someone who appreciates artists and art in general. All good! -- J. W. June 2019

I wanted to loop back and thank you for your time on the phone. I feel that you had some excellent points from material longevity, realistic marketable pricing, and the "dusting" test, it was very much appreciated and I plan to follow up on may of the suggestions.-- I. T. June 2019

(We) had the great pleasure of talking with you when we were picking your brain on the most effective way to launch her late father's art.-- J. B. April 2019

-- You have given me ample material to think about and act upon. We will tighten up the website as you suggest... Your suggestion to do Instagram makes sense. Thank you again for a written consult.-- C. W. June 2019

Thanks for the consult! Today I updated (the website) and even included some pricing on the furniture page :) baby steps. Congrats on your book.-- L. S. June 2019

Thank you very much for your thoughts (on my video)... I will review and reflect on our conversation, and will be in touch soon.-- M. S. June 2019

Just wanted to share this exciting news with you since you helped me get this train on the tracks. The (series) has started to really come together for me with over 10 commissions to-date and has culminated with being selected to showcase my art at this gallery in Chicago. Thank you again for all of your help and advice -- G. S. May 2019

(Email from before statement rewrite) Great talking to you today. Very informative...a lot of information that I'm trying to absorb. I attached my artist statement with some changes. I just wanted to say thank you. (Email from after statement rewrite) You really said it perfectly. It truly describes exactly what I do. Just had to thank you again!-- B. K. May 2019

Thank you for the helpful consulting phone call- a lot to process. And, thanks for your post thoughts. Much appreciated.-- P. K. May 2019

You gave me great advice and (everything) is working pretty fine. Thank you so much for the info!-- P. C. May 2019

I really enjoyed our discussion and it was very helpful to get your perspectives on how to identify the vanity offers (especially as I have made a couple).-- R. S. April 2019

I've taken on much of your advice - stopped selling the prints, made my website more simple, re-written my bio and incorporated my exhibition history.-- M. G. April 2019

Thank you very much Alan, great work!-- A. S. April 2019

Just wanted to tell you that I submitted to (the gallery) and was happy that they replied to my email. No promises to show my work but they complimented it and said they would consider it if a show where it fits comes up. Ending with a note to come in the gallery and say "Hi" sometime. How nice to get a response... Thank you for your... recommendations and for being generous with the appointment time. It was a good energy boost.-- J. K. April 2019

I just wanted to thank you for your recommendations. I will be in touch and will let you know how it goes!-- G. M. April 2019

Good speaking to you too- I am already fleshing out my website descriptions and will be making a short studio video this PM for IG.-- A. C. March 2019

It was a very helpful meeting yesterday and I am updating my prices by dropping them considerably.-- L. L. March 2019

Thank you for meeting with me, Alan. I appreciate all your suggestions- very helpful!-- C. J. March 2019

Thank you for your excellent advice last week. I followed through and struck out excess objects and text from my web site and dug down to tell my story about why these paintings matter.-- S. K. March 2019

Mr. Bamberger, I can't stop reading your articles. I wish I had read them years ago. The time and money i could have saved and possibly be further in my career. Thanks again (for your consulting)!-- M. K. March 2019

Just a quick note to say thank you for your time, ideas, feedback and guidance this week. I've started to implement the things you suggested including a focused voice around (my) automotive abstract images. When you have a moment, may I have your snail mail address? I still send thank you notes the old fashioned way.-- G. S. March 2019

Great talking to you yesterday! Thank you for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge on my artworks. I appreciate your in-depth understanding of today's challenging art market as both a buyer and a seller. I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.-- T. M. February 2019

I thought you would be happy to know that because I happened to randomly find your blog on the internet (and hired you for consulting), I was spared an expensive and embarrassing lesson...-- A. A. February 2019

That's great advice, it's kind of the thought that was in the back of my mind just knew it's better to ask someone who would snap me back to reality before I broke my cool and reached out.... I'm scaling my work back up here since there's a bigger audience here for painting.-- R. A. February 2019

Just wanted to let you know the (item sold successfully at) auction this past weekend. A success, as far as I'm concerned. Many thanks for your guidance -- I hope to work with you again some day...-- D. K. February 2019

Thanks so much Alan, this is great! I forwarded these and the previous links you had sent to (name of other party).-- H. G. February 2019

Good morning, thank you for the critique. I've been studying and practicing.-- E. S. February 2019

This was great! Thank you very much for your insights! I am starting applying your suggestions as soon as right now.-- O.S. February 2019

I wanted to thank you for your time. I enjoyed speaking with you and took away a lot of food for thought. Also wanted to share some more images of my work so you get a wholesome picture of what i have worked on so far.-- S.S. February 2019

Our meeting via Skype was very helpful to me in helping set up a website and... in terms of starting to think about making money from (the artist's) efforts.-- S. V. January 2019

It was wonderful speaking with you today. I feel a bit less aimless which is a vast improvement!-- A. F. January 2019 Thank you in advance for your help with this. I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you so much! I will get very organized!-- M. M. January 2019

It was great talking with you! Your expertise was very helpful. Thank you so much for your willingness to help us further in this case.-- K. N. January 2019

Hi Alan! Thanks for all the great input! It was really helpful.-- J. H. January 2019

Thank you so much for everything!!!-- A. X. December 2018

My many thanks for your time as well as the opportunity for you to meet my partner, to whom I owe a lot.-- J. D. December 2018

I wanted to follow up and let you know that my Winter Open Studios was a huge success. Not only did I sell about two thirds of my inventory, but the work was received well. I followed your pricing suggestions which allowed first time art buyers to purchase original art, and seasoned art buyers to feel they were finding genuine value. Thank you so much for making the time to talk with me and for your sage advice. Now, I have to get busy since I have a solo show in February and I have some painting to do to get ready.-- R. K. December 2018

Thanks very much for your very knowledgeable time and interest yesterday (on evaluating and appraising our antique painting).-- J. T. December 2018

Thanks for your time yesterday, particularly by taking the extra hour so we could finish.-- C. K. December 2018

Thank you for the very helpful consultation yesterday. And thanks for all the links you emailed me,too. If I have questions/ideas later I'll be in touch.-- E. F. November 2018

The consultation yesterday helped me immensely!-- V. J. November 2018

Thanks so much for the time. Really appreciate the insights.-- G. G. November 2018

Subsequent to having my phone consult with you, I have reflected much on it. The advice benefitted my recent Open Studio.-- J. R. November 2018

I just want to say thank you for your time and speaking with me yesterday. I found value in our conversation and your insight.-- P. H. November 2018

I've been putting a lot of thought into our conversation and I'm about to start creating a new body of works to present to galleries when we're ready etc.-- M. G. October 2018

Thank you for your time on (how to sell this work of art), I do appreciate it.-- D. C. October 2018

Just want to thank you for our conversation. That was a lot of help.-- R. October 2018

It was great chatting with you. I just have a few follow up questions. I have updated my website, placing recent and archived work into categories.-- T. C. October 2018

Been a couple of years, your consultation was incredibly helpful! New web site, regular showings and great original/print sales!-- K. P. October 2018

Thanks for the chat the other evening... Have started reading your articles which are most helpful and will concentrate on being more personal on my IG account.-- G. T. October 2018

I like (the statement you wrote). Thanks again!-- B. R. September 2018

Thank you very much!! And I already changed some things on my IG.-- A. R. September 2018

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. You've given me a lot of ideas with which I can readdress and refine a realistic mission for myself. I will follow up with you in a few weeks once I have a proper outline.-- J. B. September 2018

Thank you Alan for talking with me today. I'm incredibly grateful for the clarity of (prices) I can finally send out to people.-- C. K. September 2018

Thank you for your help about a week ago now; I ended up purchasing the painting and speaking with you helped me immensely.-- N. S. September 2018

I changed my website and fixed grammar a bit... I will need more time to start use your advice about Instagram and Facebook... Thank you for your consultation...-- M. K. September 2018

Thank you for your time and advice Alan. I appreciate what you said and will do my best to get on social media in a better way starting immediately.-- S. A. August 2018

It was nice talking to you. I updated the prices according to you instructions on my website Gallery page... Thanks for your time.-- J. K. August 2018

Thanks again for the talk. I have updated my website and I am working on Saatchi now.-- D. G. August 2018

I realize that the curriculum vitae is actually quite vital and thanks to you I revised it and will post it soon on my website and Instagram. I am writing to thank you for this specifically... Thanks again and best regards.-- M. C. August 2018

Thank you! You are the person I was looking for for a long long time! It has been a great pleasure to talk with you.-- A. C. August 2018

It was lovely speaking to you, thank you so much for all you are doing.-- H. E. August 2018

I just wanted to thank you again for talking with me yesterday. It was an extremely informative and convincing one hour. I'm glad I spoke to you at this time in my career. I plan on following this slightly new path and hope to see myself in a better place in the near future.-- K. N. August 2018

Thank you very much for your help... you helped me a lot to find my own voice in composing my artistic statement.-- O. G. August 2018

Thanks for your consultation yesterday! A lot of homework to do but it was good!-- X. Y. August 2018

Thank you for your comments and advice regarding my website. I have taken them into consideration and I have updated the site.-- J. M. August 2018

Thanks, Alan for everything! Our meeting was really an inspiration for me. I had some doubts about strategy and approach, but you have cleared everything. Thank you again!-- Y. S. July 2018

I like this last (version of the statement you wrote), it even sounds somewhat like me.-- G. S. July 2018

Thank you, Alan, for your time and advice today. I appreciate it!-- S. S. July 2018

I have just migrated (my website) to a completely new website host and have also totally re-built my site... I have incorporated many of your suggestions and to me, it seems to flow much better now.-- T. M. July 2018

I am still using the writing you did a while ago. Excellent.-- K. L. July 2018

I'm starting to better understand what galleries are looking for in a solo show. Thanks again for your help.-- T. I. July 2018

Thank you very much for meeting with me today. I throughly enjoyed it.-- M. K. June 2018

I am really thankful for your input. I have edited in all your suggestions.- M. Y. June 2018

Thank you Alan. Those are great suggestions (for my website) and I'll get on them.- R. N. June 2018

I just want you to know, you have made a profound impact on my life, when you consulted me around 2012-2013 after I had won a competition on my work. I have done exactly what you have said since about a year ago as it took some time to adjust. As a result, I have shows in Northern Italy, will be participating in Red Dot, Miami, and have a piece going to the Vatican along with more events, commissions and venues. I am basically booked to next summer. Although tough to navigate a job and spend the "8 hours" in a studio everyday, it has truly paid off. Those are the loud banging words you spoke to me that lit the fire. Since then production is flying and lives are changing. But not only am I in a studio, I also work at home and go back and forth.... I have just finished the final draft of (a book about my art). In it, I describe our discussion as a base of a lot of the inspiration and my work is selling and am very pleased with the progress in this vast ocean. So with a heart felt thanks, keep caring for us as Artists and don't be afraid to slap us around, pushing the envelope. If it weren't for men like you, some of us would not find the courage to make waves.-- K. G. June 2018

Thanks very much, Alan, for your prompt reply. You've been a huge help to us. Best wishes for your continuing success.-- C. S. June 2018

Thank you for the helpful information and links you gave me last week.-- L. L. June 2018

Thanks again for stopping by and helping me understand some of the basics of how to deal with (the art I've inherited).-- T. F. June 2018

Just a quick note to let you know how helpful your assistance was with my artist statement. I believe the clarity of the statement has been a contributing factor for my work being included in (five) group shows (so far) in 2018 - so far. Hopefully several more to come.-- J. W. May 2018

Thank you again for getting me on track (with my statement)!-- A. S. May 2018

I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. I'll let you know how it goes!-- S. A. May 2018

Thanks for your advice Alan. You gave me a lot of good food for thought. Cheers.-- B. M. May 2018

Thank you for helping me. Really. Thanks a lot.-- S. H. May 2018

Thank you again for your help in appraising and (consulting on) selling my art.-- S. S. May 2018

Thank you so much Alan! I have a renewed enthusiasm because of your input. Maybe my art will make sense now.-- A. T. April 2018

Thank you for getting me started in cleaning up my act.-- L. B. April 2018

Thank you Alan. As an emerging artist I very much needed your grounded advice. It was concise, direct, and applicable. I am already making necessary changes. I look forward to continuing the work we started and will contact you soon to make a follow up appointment. I gladly recommend you to other artists. You truly know how to communicate the path of an artist in the world.-- Q. M. April 2018

Thank you for giving us valuable feedback today. Some great takeaways from our conversation... Very excited at the possibilities of having you as an advisor to this project. This is going to be an evolving platform and we can't wait to get it to you for feedback and critique.-- E. G. April 2018

The more I read and think about the statement (you wrote) the more I like it. You've really got a talent like pulling rabbits out of a hat!-- J. G. April 2018

Thanks for coming by the other week. Your input was valuable.-- S. G. April 2018

Thanks for sending the article yesterday, and thank you again for the discussion which I appreciated very much at this very early point in my career. I am putting into place as much as possible, all your incredibly helpful suggestions and advice. Thank you for being so precise and straightforward, and for giving me easily actionable items, as well as points for further reflection. Brilliant stuff.-- N. S. March 2018

I enjoyed reading (the statement you wrote) and am very happy with the result! That was a great help for me and I love the way you ended it too! Thank you Alan and keep in touch!-- R. V. March 2018

Thank you for your advice. I think I have now updated my website accordingly though I am happy to listen to any further suggestions when you have the time.-- T. M. March 2018

Thank you Alan. This way (my statement) sounds even more fluent.-- M. C. March 2018

Thank you so much for your time and insight. I will follow up in a couple months and let you know how it's going.-- K. F. March 2018

About an year ago, you gave me some wonderful advice on the phone for my artwork website. I have a new site now. I wonder if I can get one more advice from you regarding my web page...-- Y. T. March 2018

Thank you so much for a great hour yesterday! Your advise really makes a difference... and helps guide me into the right direction... Working on implementing your guidance on my website.-- C. L. March 2018

Thank you! I appreciate the very informative hour!-- K. K. March 2018

Thank you for your help and valuable insights, Alan.-- D. K. March 2018

I want to thank you for your excellent work, I am very grateful for the time you took to help me, I hope that one day I can visit.-- M. E. February 2018

Thank you for your time last night. I found your advice most helpful and have already begun making changes to my website. Thank you again and I imagine we will speak again in the future.-- T. M. February 2018

Thank you for your time, I hope you continue to work with me as I feel you reiterated a lot of things I already knew and wanted confirmed... Thank you for that.-- N. C. February 2018

Appreciated our call last week. I learned a lot and look forward to booking future calls. I also look forward to the new edition of The Art of Buying Art coming out in February. I gleaned a great deal from previous editions and look forward to placing an order in the weeks ahead.-- R. M. January 2018

Thank you for the time today. We really needed to hear from someone with your background, and will keep you posted as we refocus our efforts.-- T. T. January 2018

Thanks much for your very good advice I appreciate it.-- D. B. January 2018

It was great talking to you the other day, I received a ton of helpful information. We discussed how my wesbite is disorganized because I have so many different styles. I am redesigning it this week to work on a premise.-- A. M. January 2018

Hope you are having a good new year. Thought I'd send you a little note about my progress. Have a look at my website which is still in development but has come a long way since you advised me last.-- A. S. January 2018

I did a consultation with Alan, and it was helpful. (FB post)-- T. R. January 2018

I went for consultation with him several years ago. He went over a litany of things I was doing, had done, and needed to do. He pointed out some errors and gave me a real confidence boost. What more can you ask? (FB post)-- K. I. December 2017

I highly recommend Alan Bamberger! He gives sound and expert advice. (FB post)-- K. F. December 2017

Thanks very much for Your very helpful commentary, Alan. I'll definitely keep in touch.-- A. A. December 2017

Thank you so much for your help with my text (statement writing)... It worked out great.-- B. V. December 2017

I enjoyed our conversation and came away with some useful actions and ideas. Thanks also for the links to your articles and I'll keep touch as things develop.-- M. C. December 2017

Thank you for all your information and checking on my COA's. I truly appreciate it.-- L. M. November 2017

Just a note to thank you for your time and expertise helping me with this. It was a pleasure talking to you and listening to you. I really appreciate your advice. I got a good response from those I showed the statement.-- A. M. November 2017

Thank you for your valuable advice. (We) really enjoyed talking with you! We will start to improve our website based on your suggestions; will let you know after it is done.-- J. H. November 2017

Just wanted to let you know the show was a great success. I sold everything except for 3 pieces... The most expensive stuff sold in literally the first ten minutes. I got 4 requests to do commissions, and I have a bunch of orders for prints.-- Y. A. November 2017

Wanted to send you the 90 second time-lapsed video... of me (at your suggestion) working on my newest painting... The video really says more about my process than I can say in words. Thank you for the suggestion. It's been a big hit on FB.-- D. M. November 2017

Thank you Alan for the great conversation and keep in touch!-- R. V. October 2017

Just wanted to let you know that my show went well - I sold 8 paintings and I also received a commission to do a painting.-- J. F. October 2017 (I advised this artist on pricing their art for an upcoming show)

I appreciate all your recommendations. Thank you for your time. I'm already starting to make some of the changes we talked about.-- W. T. October 2017

Thank you! As before - your counsel is extremely helpful. I will read these and modify my website.-- R. S. September 2017

Just wanted to thank you for your good suggestions. I realize I have a lot of work to do but feel I have a better sense of the direction I need to take after reading some of your articles & meeting with you. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to meet you, & I will stay in touch.-- D. D. September 2017

It was nice to meet and chat with you last week. I am working on your suggestions and modifying the artist statement.-- U. S. September 2017

Thank you for our talk today. It was very useful.-- S. B. September 2017

It was great speaking with you. I appreciated your character, as well your directness, honesty and clarity. I got to work right after we spoke and have changed already the portfolio and about sections in my website.-- S. August 2017

This is a small note to express my appreciation to what you so kindly advised me to do... We met the gallery... (they) were so happy with the theme, and confirmed the exhibition to be a solo one (in) 2018 and will run (for one month).-- H. K. August 2017

Thank you so much for all your help yesterday talking about my projects and website. Your neutral perspective, detailed analysis, and candor were very much appreciated and have given me so many good ideas on how to proceed... All your emphasis on telling an engaging and compelling story really makes sense now in a practical, not theoretical, way. Thank you again for sharing your deep experience and helping me move forward with my projects.-- B. K. July 2017

(Consulting with Alan) will be the most enlightening hour spent with an expert regardless of your experience level... Your words are what mattered at the time I needed them the most.-- P. T. July 2017

You probably don't remember our conversations a while back but I wanted to say you were very helpful... What I have done has really increased the prices my art work brings now... In the spring of next year there is going to be a 90 day one man exhibition of my work. The galleries are approx. 6000 square feet and about the best place for this here. I have enough work to occupy all of it. A big deal for me. Aanyway a thank you and I will be calling you again for input as this show gets closer to planning.-- R. C. July 2017

Alan, your call just now was outstanding. Any time you want an endorsement, please let me know. When a person goes the distance, it really makes a difference and it shows their dedication to their craft and especially to their clients.-- W. M. July 2017

Thank you so much for your consult, I really appreciate much. I really learned a lot and eager to learn more. My husband & I are now discussing all what you so kindly & professionally advised us to do... You gave us a big push to look forward for a lot and the limit is the sky.-- H. K. July 2017

I want to thank you again for the time and effort you put in today.... I learned a lot and will follow what you said.-- G. M. July 2017

Just wanted to let you know I have updated my website and it has a positive response so far. Thank you for your advice. It was very productive.-- C. B. June 2017

I enjoyed our chat and it was worth the money.-- K. D. June 2017

Our time spent together was worth every minute and dollar invested. You coalesced our discussion points to what I could act on immediately to advance my emerging art career. Thank you so much for your insightful and expert guidance.-- S. O. June 2017

Thank you for the conversation today. I realize it is somewhat awkward to begin a conversation about a person's artwork without previous contact but you confirmed my own critiques.-- M. M. June 2017

Thank you so much Alan for the consulting. I will be looking at my notes and thinking about everything you discussed. I will look at the links you sent, try to understand what would be important for me and plan the next steps. I am very glad I contacted you and thanks again.-- M. E. May 2017

I want to thank you again for the great session. It gave me focus on what to add, and how to work on my website.-- J. M. May 2017

We really enjoyed speaking with you today. We have some work in front of us but we are both excited about the changes to come.-- M. O. May 2017

Can't really explain it but your articles and the dialogues you open push my motivation and for this I thank you!-- C. R. May 2017

Thank you for your great advice and time last night. We both appreciated it very much and feel you were right on target! A lot to implement and change, but then I am sure we will be back in touch.-- L. M. May 2017

Thank you for your call and the text for the catalog, that I am happy with! It was eye-opening to hear you referring an exhibition of paintings (as similar) to a book or a novel... That made me to understand why I should sometimes... work longer on a theme.-- I. H. May 2017

My insurance company is sending (a check for the claim). I'm happy. Thanks for your help.-- J. A. April 2017

Thank you so much for your wonderful advice last Monday. I have learned a lot. I have been working on updating my website whole week, now it seems like "better"... Much appreciated!!-- Y. T. April 2017

Thank you for our conversation yesterday. I am dusting myself off after hearing your firm sentiments. All good and needed after many many years. So many have tried to change me, the stubborn one, I guess.... You took a real genuine stand with me and I am listening.-- W. M. April 2017

Thank you Alan for your time today. You made a few unexpected comments that have been good food for thought, overall it was a worthwhile session.-- K. G. March 2017

It was good speaking with you as well on Friday. Your insights have helped me revise my approach to selling and pricing my art.-- L. L. March 2017

The pleasure was all ours, Alan! Thank you again for your time and all the guiding tips you provided us. We will definitely keep you posted.-- A. L. March 2017

I would just like to say thanks for the advice you gave me yesterday. If you're ever in London, I owe you a pint.-- A. March 2017

Thank you for speaking with me today and for reviewing my site. Your insight into what the site looks like from someone with your experience is appreciated. You've given me some great information. I plan in the next few days to sift through my notes and decide on a direction to take my art and the site. I will update you and would like to utilize your services again once I have made the changes. Thanks again for your help.-- K.H. March 2017

Just wanted to let you know that I followed your advice on trying the XXXXX Benefit Auction, and I actually got selected. Thanks again for your help.-- L.H. March 2017

Just had a real insightful talk with Alan Bamberger. I highly recommend him to any fellow artists in need of critical feedback (posted on social media).-- M.D. March 2017

I just wanted to follow up our call. Our call was very helpful. I feel much more grounded and organized in my direction as a professional artist, and I feel like I have a bit more of a grasp on the industry. I really appreciate your guidance. Thank you!-- S. C. March 2017

Alan, thanks again. It was great meeting you and hearing your advice.

Alan Bamberger has advised me in the past and I respect him tremendously (posted on social media).-- R.C. March 2017

Thank you for your time. I appreciate all the insight (on our new art app).-- T. G. February 2017

Hi Alan, just to let you know, I've been meaning to update our website as per your suggestions however since I have spoken to you we have gained 3 more commissions and talks about another one, yay.-- S. C. February 2017.

Thank you for today's session, for the useful advice and pointers.... I will take additional time to design a new website taking into account the valuable information you brought.-- C. H. February 2017

Thank you Alan for your time and for your advice. We have some new action items and we will do our best to implement them. H. L. February 2017

Great speaking with and learning from you too, Alan!-- M. P. February 2017

Only two questions you asked me yesterday were enough for me to see clearly what exactly the next step should be in my art career. I was so excited to start building more, that I was actually painted for almost half of the time I was talking with you. Sorry about that :). I mostly needed your review of my website and artist statement, but I received much more valuable information that I'm grateful for. Thank you!-- C. M. January 2017

Thank you for today. I took lots of notes and listened as carefully as I could. Over the next few weeks we will work hard to improve the overall look, feel and content of the website.-- L. W. January 2017

Thanks again for your help and for taking the time to review all my material, very much appreciated. Also, thanks for the good discussion we had and your suggestions. I already implemented the categorization.-- L. H. January 2017

I really like the statement that you have written for me. I am very grateful for it. It gives me confidence to move to the next level in my career. Thanks again!-- J. H. December 2016

Thank you, Alan for the consultation. Very helpful. I'll be in touch when I've made some progress on your suggestions.-- C. G. December 2016

Thank you for all your extra assistance with my dreams. Appreciate you.-- D. P. December 2016

I want to thank you again for your valuable tips regarding my website. It will help in the process I need to go for.-- M. L. December 2016

Thanks so much, for what I felt was a productive, thought-provoking meeting... I know now that I've got to view things holistically, and your input was extremely helpful in my seeing this truth. Your remarks and insight have helped me to light the path, and I appreciate it very much.-- J. T. November 2016

It was great speaking with you today. Thank you for your insight and advice.-- F. R. November 2016

I took your advice, Alan, and it is starting to work! I've sold 6 paintings this month! 2 were to a friend, but the others were Facebook friends, Instagram and a small show. Working harder now that there is hope! Thank you Alan.-- J. B. November 2016

I greatly enjoyed and benefited from our consultation.-- I. P. November 2016

I hope you're doing well. You have no idea how much I've needed your help, and how helpful you've already been. So, thanks, again.-- C. C. November 2016

Thank you for the nice and very helpful Skype consultation! I finished the gallery submission writing.-- L. A. November 2016

I appreciate your thoroughness. Over the years, I've benefited greatly from your articles so I'm glad (to be able to hire you for consulting).-- F. B. November 2016

Thanks for making the art statement painless! I made some minor changes - just getting more words about animation and movement. I love it but let me know if it looks OK to you and I didnt make any horrible grammar mistakes. If OK will put up on my website tonight.-- J. T. October 2016

Thought you might like to know that, following a major overhaul of my website and facebook page as you suggested, someone asked to buy three paintings today! I've rewritten everything and re-organised the galleries, culling a lot of stuff.... (What you told me) all makes much more sense now, and I'm very grateful for your insights and honesty.-- P. S. October 2016

Thanks so much for your help yesterday- I'm going to implement website changes you suggested... D. J. October 2016

Generous, fair, and worthwhile! Best money I ever spent for advice.-- D. A. October 2016

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your time on the phone. I took copious notes, and I'm now implementing the guidance. I'm starting with enhancing the writing about the individual pieces and my overall artistic mission. Where once I wanted to let the art stand for itself, now I see that a newbie like me needs to flesh out my vision and tell my story. Those text pieces are now more developed, more vivid descriptions.-- J. P. October 2016

Thank you very much for your suggestions, they are very precious! I'm so happy to have found you!-- V. G. October 2016

It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with you yesterday! We wanted to express our deepest gratitude for the wonderful advice and critique you shared with us... You were so easy to converse with and we look forward to staying in touch with you soon to keep you apprised of how we are putting your suggestions into action.-- W. P. September 2016

Thank you so much for your help! You helped me to explain what I have been wanting to explain for so long! I also like the changes you made (to my statement).-- S. L. September 2016

I highly recommend a personal session with Alan Bamberger! Insightful perspective from a seasoned professional (comment made on Facebook).-- M. B. September 2016

I just published my website this week!. Now I'm in the process of registering on Internet search engines. I'm on Bing and Yahoo, Google is next. I also have my first interested buyer who's asked me to place a painting on hold! I look forward to working with you again in the near future to keep on an onward path.-- T. September 2016

I hope you are doing well. I found our consultation very helpful, and I am still in the process of making the changes we spoke about.-- S. L. September 2016

Thanks so much for your help today. I appreciate your expertise and directness. Your help has given me a better view of what I am aiming to do. Thank you! I've attached the re-write for your review.-- A. M. September 2016

Thanks for your help last year when I consulted with you. It got me workin! A local gallery has started representing me and invited me to do a show with another artist next year in November:) -- J. W. August 2016

Thank you Alan, I will keep you updated! The meeting went very well in part from your help with what to say about my work.-- C. C. August 2016

You were very helpful, thanks so much! I'll let you know how things unfold and give you a link to the Instagram site and a website when they are up and running.-- A. M. August 2016

I just want to say thank you kindly for the Skype session yesterday. I found it very useful and I greatly appreciate it. So lovely to get to ask questions and receive actual real answers!-- R. D. August 2016

Thank you Alan. You've been enormously helpful in guiding me through this transformation back to being the artist. I so appreciate your feedback.-- D. L. July 2016

Emails of the statement received. I am very happy with what you wrote for me, thank you so much.-- C. G. July 2016

Some time ago we had a consultation / chat by phone, I still think about and appreciate your incisive and blunt assessment... I think in good part as a result of mulling over what you said, I've focused on where my strengths are which has been a relief... this past January I applied to the xxxxx Colony, and a few months ago was offered a residency for the month of September! Your perspective remains beneficial, thought to share the news, and hope you continue with advising.-- D. S. July 2016

Really enjoyed talking with you - I was rather nervous before calling but you put me at ease. Your criticisms and suggestions are invaluable.-- L. V. June 2016

I'm just sifting through all my notes now... I find it very valuable, insightful and entertaining to talk to you.-- J. Z. June 2016

I reworked my website... thanks again for many great comments... direct and to the point.-- R. G. June 2016

I gained a lot of clarity on subjects I was confused about. The feedback you gave me for my site and the organization of images was very helpful. When I hung up the phone, I actually felt relief for the first time regarding the direction of my art career. Thank you again.-- M. C. May 2016

I am happy with the two talks I had with you. Informative, clear.-- S. R. April 2016

We sold 2 more paintings which brings the total to 5. And your writing is doing very well for us! Thank you for everything! You are the best investment we have made so far!-- B. N. April 2016

Great consult. Talking with you has really helped to iron out uncertainties. It's been very worthwhile; thank you very much.-- Y. D. April 2016

(I spoke with you at the end of 2014.) After my consultation, I reassessed what I was doing and, starting with Facebook, which I hate!, I've been learning how to market myself. Last year ended up being my very best year to date, just so you know.-- C. D. March 2016

Thank you for being one of the few voices that provides a business perspective for artists.-- V. W. March 2016

You gave me a lot to think about regarding my statement and it has led me down a very productive path.-- D. M. March 2016

Thanks so much for the conversation today! I really enjoyed talking to you and enjoyed learning about your perspective on my artwork and how I'm approaching things! I will implement the changes within the next few days as you've given me a lot to think about.-- L. Y. February 2016

As a follow-up to my exhibit in late November I again want to thank you for your time and help in organizing my price structure. It really set me off on the right foot; I can't tell you enough how appreciative I am of your making your expertise available to artists.-- K. K. February 2016

You were the first person to see this art and you truly helped me realize what I was actually doing. Thank you for that.-- E. A. January 2016

Thank you! I feel I got a LOT from that chat, literally what I needed to get out of my 'stuck' phase.-- S. G. January 2016

My first solo exhibition went very well. I sold three sculptures during the show run and about to sell 2 more so am pretty happy about that! Thanks again for the chat we had a few months ago. It really helped me a lot to put a peg in the ground regarding pricing.-- M. V. January 2016

I write this note of appreciation and wish to express my gratitude for you taking the time to discuss my art, it's presentation, and its future direction.-- W. T. December 2015

Thank you for meeting with me last month. I appreciate your feedback and I enjoyed talking with you. You provided a lot for me to consider and improve upon as well. Especially valuable was feedback regarding my website and social media in general. I'm looking forward to making improvements in both areas!-- A. B. December 2015

I had an art consult with you maybe three years ago. It was absolutely helpful to me. You were one of the first people I had the courage to talk to and mostly I think because it was over the phone.-- M. N. December 2015

Thank you for all your input, critique, and tips... Really sense your sincerity in wanting to help and your expertise is very evident.-- N. T. November 2015

Thank you for taking the time to come speak with us today Alan! Your insight and advice were extremely helpful and much appreciated, for what we have going on now and something to think about throughout our artistic careers.-- D.P. October 2015

I found yesterday's session extremely helpful and eye opening. I will implement changes from your comments and will be getting in touch. I really enjoyed your straightforwardness and practicality!!! Was completely worth it!!! Thank you again.-- C.A. October 2015

Just a quick note and a big thank you! For helping me get focused on what I needed to do. Showed again in New York and made contact with a big collector who wants me to keep in touch and keep him posted on what I'm working on! I've been juried into the International Guild of Realism, and have landed a gig with a gallery here locally for large abstracts. Just finished a book cover for a local author (it was fun!). So just working my a__ off!-- J.S. October 2015

I have made some small works to sell at lower prices, like you suggested and it worked. I have sold 14 (!) pieces and have done 3 commissions. Just wanted you to thank you again for our lovely meeting on Skype. All is going well.
-- E.van T. September 2015

Many thanks Alan. A well presented appraisal report.
-- J.J. September 2015

It was a pleasure meeting you and your advice is highly valuable. I understand it's a long and tough path, but I am working towards to my goals and dreams. One thing in a time, step by step, it can be done.
-- J.L. July 2015

Thank you so much!!! After your advice about my website and other goals everything has been on the up :) Thank you so much for everything :)
-- A.X. July 2015

I think you need to change your career description: "Artist Wrangler" lol.
Thank you so much for all the ideas I tried to deflect. Guess what? A lot of them got through and I will be using them/following them and trying my damnedest to be teachable from now on.
-- M.W. June 2015

Our conversation was so valuable in not only redoing my website, but defining my art. I am currently in a library, finishing the last sections of the website to send to my webmaster. I am writing a newsletter and will send them out at the same time. I am constantly referring back to my notes from our conversation... I haven't done so much writing in years.
-- D.C. June 2015

Your articles have helped me develop my career plan and set/achieve goals with my body of work. Not to mention the individual consultations we've had regarding my art career and my art collection.
-- R.R. March 2015

Just a quick note to let you know I am still mindful and appreciative of the wise counseling you gave me back in September of 2013. I just received a State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant ($10,000), was included in four good shows in 2014, had one of my images on a magazine cover, have an upcoming spring show in the NAWA Gallery in NYC, and am excited about new work I have begun. You had just the right amount of frankness and insight in the critique of my work.
-- J.I.M. January 2015

I just wanted to let you know that I the gallery in San José around noon today, and was accepted at 4 p.m. to hang on February 1. I am a bit gobsmacked, to say the least. Thanks so much for all your help and advice! It's made a really big difference.
-- T.W. January 2015

You're the best! I will surely use your expertise and services again.
-- B.E. January 2015

The meeting was well worth the time and money. Although we had extensively researched and studied the art business ourselves, we knew Alan's expertise and positive feedback... would indeed propel us forward!
-- J. U. November 2014

Thank you for your input. You gave me lots to consider and work on. I'll send a follow-up after making some changes!
-- J.D. October 2014

Thank you for the really relevant information you shared with me yesterday. I have much more clarity now and feel inspired to continue making art. I also had some good news. I entered two pieces into our State Fair's fine art exhibit and, much to my surprise and delight, both were accepted. So, a good day yesterday and I am encouraged to create.
-- H.P. August 2014

Thanks Alan for helping me rock! Your writing is super and it's always a pleasure to work with you!
-- D.A. July 2014

Thanks Alan for the link and thanks for your great insights into navigating the minefields of the art business. I am happy to support thoughtfulness and critical thinking.
-- T.A. June 2014

I just wanted to thank you for coming to our gallery and speaking with us about my work. It was incredibly helpful, and I learned so much about how to think as an artist, and how to present my show to the public, both visually and verbally.
-- G.D. June 2014

Thank you some much for the insight. I'm still processing all the info. That was a amazing critique. You know your shit. Thank you so much. You're the best! Thanks brother.
-- T.S. June 2014

Great idea and thanks so much! Looking forward to our next consult. :)
-- B.N. June 2014

We wanted to thank you for an excellent and informative session. The pricing information and Limited Edition advice will be especially helpful.
-- J.U. April 2014

I re-worked my web site using your suggestions; letting people know who I am by adding text to the site itself, adding specific categories for the paintings and sculptures that are easy to see and navigate, and adding some text on each piece of art. I especially liked your idea on my studio page to let people see where I work. I also added a photo of my critics (cats) as they keep me company in the mornings.
The reaction from my galleries and clients has been nothing but positive. The galleries love knowing a bit more about me as it helps to sell my work, and my clients like my insight into each piece of art-- the backstory, makes each piece more special.
Again thanks for your help, well worth the time and money. Best of luck to you.
-- M.T. March 2014

We spoke two years ago in a one-hour consult. Since then I have implemented much of what we discussed and focused my body of work to create an identifiable style. I presented a solo show and was included in several juried shows, receiving recognition for my work including a juried best of show award in Washington D.C. Most importantly, I am gradually building a client base, having sold ten pieces so far. I believe our conversation two years ago helped immensely and saved me a lot of time and headache. I now want to discuss the best path toward gallery representation and the steps I should take to make that happen.
-- T.F. March 2014

It has been 3 years, I think since I talked with you from Italy. Due to your advice, I have come a long way since then and am on a roll. I have updated my website and have arranged my exhibitions into categories. Take a look. I now have three listings under museums. Thank you for your support.
-- M.H. January 2014

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your site and the information contained there in. Wow, great wisdom and advice that has helped me tremendously in the last couple of days. God bless you!
-- J.R. November 2013



(art by Roy De Forest)

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