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    Andrea Schwartz Gallery: Albert Dicruttalo and Mitch Jones.

    Comment by AB: Sturdy enduring sculptures, conscientiously finished and patinated, by Albert Dicruttalo embrace the circular form, sometimes looking like magnified stylized cross-sections of seashells or anatomical joints, other times looking like modernist industrial-age mandalas. Also on the docket, the precise ordered paint and collage combinations of Mitch Jones pair horizontal snippets of antique prints and writings with monotone swatches of color. Good art on both counts.

    Mitch Jones artist art

    Art by Mitch Jones at Andrea Schwartz Gallery.


    Pinkie cam detail of Mitch Jones in above image.


    Mitch Jones and his art at Andrea Schwartz Gallery.

    Mitch Jones art

    Art by Mitch Jones.

    Albert Dicruttalo art

    Sculpture by Albert Dicruttalo at Andrea Schwartz Gallery.


    Albert Dicruttalo and his sculpture at Andrea Schwartz Gallery.


    Sculpture by Albert Dicruttalo.


    Albert Dicruttalo sculpture in above image from a different perspective.

    Albert Dicruttalo artist art

    Albert Dicruttalo art at Andrea Schwartz Gallery.


    Overview - Albert Dicruttalo and Mitch Jones art show at Andrea Schwartz Gallery.