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    Luggage Store Annex: Brenna Ivanhoe - Keepsakes.

    Comment by AB: In this timely reminder that art is not always all about the money, Breanna Ivanhoe asks people in the Luggage Store Annex's neighborhood, many of whom are underserved and underprivileged, to lend her various keepsakes and mementos, which she then proceeds to photograph and paint. So what you have here are more than just still-lifes; they give you pause to reflect on the items themselves, what types of significance they hold, the owners who cherish them, and the sense of community and common bonds that an art show like this has the potential to instill.

    Brenna Ivanhoe artist art

    Keepsake art by Brenna Ivanhoe at Luggage Store Annex.


    Art by Brenna Ivanhoe in above image closer.


    Brenna Ivanhoe art about keepsakes at Luggage Store Annex.

    Brenna Ivanhoe art

    Photography by Brenna Ivanhoe.


    Brenna Ivanhoe art at Luggage Store Annex.


    Long view - Brenna Ivanhoe art show (she's wearing a green scarf).