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    (reported by RWM)


    Hotel Triton c/o McKinley Art Solutions: Genea Barnes - Exposed.

    Review by RWM - image c/o McKinley Art Solutions: Fascinating painted bodies photographed with image overlaps. One exeriences, one feels, the experience of being nude in color in these image collages. The works are skinful and fleshy, but not pornographic. The color schemes sooth, but neither relax nor necessarily excite. Those photographed defy being objectified.

    Genea Barnes art

    Photography by Genea Barnes.


    Design Guild San Francisco: Howard Chambers and Ah Young Kim - You Are Str(o/a)nger Than You Think You Are.

    Review by RWM - image c/o Design Guild San Francisco: Engaging work, art even without color and even if some are simply indentations on white paper. The works are more thoughtful than they appear. Ancient and foreign ideas carried in the vessels displayed.

    Howard Chambers and Ah Young Kim art

    Art by Howard Chambers and Ah Young Kim.