Art Guard Security System
Affordable Theft and Burglary Protection
for Your Art

Finally, an effective and affordable alarm system for protecting hanging works of art. Art Guard security solutions provide 24-hour surveillance and protection for your art whether you're away and your alarm system is on, or whether you're at your studio, gallery, home or office and your alarm system is off. If anyone attempts to move any alarmed work of art while you're not looking, you'll hear about it instantly-- plenty of volume for such an inconspicuous apparatus. And there's nothing cumbersome or complicated about it. Art Guard is a lightweight security device that you can hold in the palm of your hand, and can either install at fixed locations or take with you and use temporarily if you travel and show your art on the road.

Art Guard is available as either stand-alone alarms or as Art Guard RF-- wireless modules that can operate either from an independent central receiver panel,included with purchase, or be hard wired or wirelessly "spliced" into an existing alarm system. The individual alarms easily install behind hanging works of art (all you need is a screwdriver) and activate the instant the art is moved or jostled. The only drawback to the stand-alone alarms is that you have to be within earshot to hear them. The Art Guard RF wireless modules, on the other hand, can be monitored anywhere and at anytime, assuming you have remote access to your alarm system.

All Art Guard alarms are battery operated, so there's no need for major renovation or rewiring in order to install them, thereby making them substantially more affordable than conventional alarm systems. Batteries for the stand-alone alarms are designed to last for one year; those for Art Guard RF last for 5-8 years. All batteries are easily replaced (a low battery will emit an audible signal, allowing plenty of time to replace it before it stops working).

Art Guard is already being used in a number of museums and institutions, both domestic and international. Clients include the Morgan Library, National Gallery, Yosemite National Park, the New York Historical Society, Alaska State Museum and many more. As for costs, a pack of ten wireless modules with receiver panel (able to operate either independently or be hard-wired or wirelessly integrated into an existing central system) costs $1450. A pack of ten stand-alone alarms that warn by sound only costs $500. Instructions for easy installation are provided, and best of all-- batteries ARE included. For additional details and information or to place an order, visit the Art Guard website or call (212) 989-1594.

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